Are you trying on the wrong shoes?

Imagine you need to buy shoes for yourself. You go to the store, spend at least 10 minutes looking through every shelf there and then you go to another store to do exactly the same. Seven stores later, when you finally find the right shoes, the store turns into a runway just for you. You […]

The Sailing of a FRIEND-SHIP to Jannah

Islam is spreading peace and love. It encourages companionship and associations. Even the mightiest Prophets had companions, the most courageous ones had a confidant, the residents of Jannah had a companion, and the conqueror of Pharoah had a brother as his strength. Each one of us always needs someone to stand by us whether it […]

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Do you ever experience days where it seems like the world is against you? Days when the most mundane sounds and the smallest interruptions to your plans leave you aggravated? Days that seem to have it out for you from the moment you wake up. Breakfast isn’t quite right, your hot beverage isn’t as hot […]

Locking Horns- The Toxicity of Social Media Competition

A mother frantically scrolls through her Facebook account, making sure she has reached out to every friend, relative, and colleague on the unusually long list. The contest ends in two hours and she is still 50 likes behind the top runner. She thinks about every effort she made to make sure her 3-year-old son’s photo […]

Emotional Numbness

You are a male marmoset who has a partner and newborns behind you. You cherish your newborns and lick them, protect them from predators and find the perfect shelter for them. You are taking care of your partner who just gave birth to the newborns,you are letting her rest and now you’re taking the lead. […]

7 Tips to Help You Manage Your Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be described as the fear of social interactions, more specifically, the potential negative consequences of such interactions, for example, being embarrassed, judged, rejected etc. With up to 7% of the general population being affected, it is the 3rd largest mental health issue. Much like other mental disorders, social anxiety disorder is one […]

How to Manage a Career as a Married Woman

How to Manage a Career as a Married Woman 1

Many people see marriage as an end to their career aspirations. However, a woman can continue their education and pursue their careers after marriage. It is not unheard of, on the contrary, it is very common nowadays. I can understand the confusion in your mind. As a Muslim woman, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala asks us […]

Listening: The Unforgotten Aspect of Communication

Communication: the human necessity that comes right after food, water, shelter and security. Just imagine how the state of our survival would be if there was no sense of belonging, no interaction. Even the slightest misunderstandings in communication can lead to a myriad of problems. We spend every day of our lives communicating and toiling […]

Beyond the Hustle Culture: Part 1

Hustle. ˈhʌs·əl to act quickly and with energy. (Cambridge Dictionary) This word had risen to popularity in the recent years. Once a black-jack term, it successfully made its way into a positive word loved by people who strive to be successful. You probably see it often: on an Instagram story, on your friend’s WhatsApp Status, on the page of […]

Tools to Improve Your Mental Health: Self-Care

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكَ تَتَمَارَىٰ – Then which of your Lord’s favours will you deny? (Surah An-Najm, Ayah 55) From the air we breathe to the clothes we wear and the livelihood we earn and enjoy, there are numerous blessings we have from Allah SWT. We, in our ignorance, often forget that all we have and […]