Are you trying on the wrong shoes?

Imagine you need to buy shoes for yourself. You go to the store, spend at least 10 minutes looking through every shelf there and then you go to another store to do exactly the same. Seven stores later, when you finally find the right shoes, the store turns into a runway just for you. You […]

The Sailing of a FRIEND-SHIP to Jannah

Islam is spreading peace and love. It encourages companionship and associations. Even the mightiest Prophets had companions, the most courageous ones had a confidant, the residents of Jannah had a companion, and the conqueror of Pharoah had a brother as his strength. Each one of us always needs someone to stand by us whether it […]

How to Manage a Career as a Married Woman

Many people see marriage as an end to their career aspirations. However, a woman can continue their education and pursue their careers after marriage. It is not unheard of, on the contrary, it is very common nowadays. I can understand the confusion in your mind. As a Muslim woman, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala asks us […]

Listening: The Unforgotten Aspect of Communication

Communication: the human necessity that comes right after food, water, shelter and security. Just imagine how the state of our survival would be if there was no sense of belonging, no interaction. Even the slightest misunderstandings in communication can lead to a myriad of problems. We spend every day of our lives communicating and toiling […]

How to Set Personal Boundaries

Growing up as a kid with social anxiety, I was afraid to speak up to people. Even saying ‘hi’ or initiating casual conversation felt so burdensome to me, I couldn’t imagine stepping up to more serious things like saying no and being firm with my boundaries to people, especially to those who hold positions of […]